Spade radiator

date:2020-06-06 17:21:56
Product material: high quality aluminum (aluminum profile)
Product size: L * w * h * l unlimited * w to 440 * h to 160
Product color: Aluminum natural color
Product application: widely used in frequency conversion field, such as central air conditioning, intelligent control terminal, etc


1. Good heat dissipation effect; 2. Milling can produce a roughness of 0.6um, which can meet the flatness of 0.05mm, which is enough to meet the heat dissipation and assembly requirements of large-scale precision equipment; 3. According to different heat dissipation requirements, materials can be widely used through growth, using special surface treatment (oxidation, spraying, polishing, etc.), and adjusting the structure and size of base materials; 4. It can be widely used through In order to solve the problem that aluminum profile extrusion is difficult and can't be produced, high density fin heat dissipation is realized by means of insert, insert and shovel fins.