Power aluminum radiator

date:2020-06-06 17:27:07
Product material: high quality aluminum (aluminum profile)
Product size: L * w * h * l unlimited * w to 300 * h to 200
Product color: Aluminum natural color (high heat dissipation demand, can be modified to oxidize, spray and other surface treatment)
Product application: it is widely used in the main board and power supply of air conditioner, playing the role of chip heat dissipation and fixed connection of other components.


1. High density wing, good heat dissipation effect; 2. Systematic and specialized production process, relatively economical cost; 3. Good flatness of heat dissipation contact surface; 4. According to different heat dissipation requirements, materials can be widely used through growth, special surface treatment (oxidation, spraying, polishing, etc.), structural dimension adjustment of substrate, etc.