LED light aluminum radiator

date:2020-06-06 17:30:50
Product material: high quality aluminum (aluminum profile or cast aluminum)
Product size: L * w * h * l unlimited * w to 440 * h to 160
Product color: diversified
Product application: it is widely used in street lamp, bulb lamp, landscape lamp, ceiling lamp and other fields, playing the function of heat dissipation for LED chip, as well as the function of beautiful shell.


1. Good heat dissipation effect; 2. Light weight and good metal performance, strong and durable; 3. It can meet the waterproof requirements of different levels such as IP65 / IP66; 4. It can meet the outdoor performance requirements such as 1000 hour salt spray test; 5. It is easier to meet the safety standards related to 3C certification; 6. According to different heat dissipation needs, the material can be increased by adopting special surface treatment (oxidation Spraying, polishing, etc.) and structural dimension adjustment of base materials are widely used.