Aluminum radiator for household appliances

date:2020-06-06 17:31:51
Product material: high quality aluminum (aluminum profile or aluminum plate)
Product size: length * width * height 20-200 * 12-160 * 10-90
Product color: Aluminum natural color (high heat dissipation demand, can be modified to oxidize, spray and other surface treatment)
Product application: it is widely used in the control mainboard of kitchen appliances, such as electromagnetic stove, rice cooker, electric cake bell, coffee machine, juicer, cooking machine, water bottle, health pot, soybean milk machine, microwave oven, humidifier, etc., playing the role of chip heat dissipation and fixed connection of other components.


1. Light weight; 2. Small volume; 3. Good heat dissipation effect; 4. According to different heat dissipation requirements, materials can be widely used through growth, special surface treatment (oxidation, spraying, polishing, etc.) and structural dimension adjustment of base materials.