Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and work together for a win-win situation - warmly congratulate the 2016 New Year's Party of shengshiyuan electronics on its successful conclusion!

date:2020-06-08 08:32:30
On January 30, 2016, Weifang shengshiyuan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. held the 2016 New Year party in the Golden Hall on the first floor of Changle National Day Hotel (the former party school).
The annual meeting was officially opened at 17:30 p.m. on that day. The meeting is divided into three parts. In the first part, general manager Zhao, chairman of shengshiyuan company, delivered an opening message, vice general manager Wang made a keynote speech on "change and growth" of the annual meeting, and excellent employees made a speech on behalf of Zhou Aiping; in the second part, the hard-working and outstanding contribution of the family members in 2015 were commended and the year-end bonus was awarded; The third part is to enjoy the colorful performances and new year's party brought by various departments of shengshiyuan. The whole annual meeting was brilliant, warm and active, showing the passion and style of the people of shengshiyuan, and filled with warmth and joy.

In the first half of the annual meeting, the theme was summary and review. With the inspiring speech of chairman Zhao Zong of shengshiyuan, the annual meeting officially kicked off.
President Zhao's speech
President Zhao summed up every step we have taken in 2015, affirmed the achievements in 2015 and elaborated the development plan in 2016. President Zhao's speech was brilliant, detailed, pertinent and thorough, and won the applause from the scene. The applause not only contains the glorious mark of the past year, but also expresses the infinite confidence and vision of the future of the saint Shiyuan people.
Award ceremony for outstanding employees
The exciting moment is always so fast. After the award ceremony for outstanding employees, the dinner party officially begins. With a rich dinner party and soft lighting, you can enjoy the harvest and joy of this year, feel the unremitting efforts in the success, and feel the perseverance in the joy.
Year end awards ceremony
With the fall of the applause, the climax of the on-site atmosphere came up again and again. The following departments brought various forms and interesting performances, which attracted on-site laughter, applause and cheers.
The happy time is always so fast. At 21:30 on that day, the 2016 New Year's meeting of Weifang shengshiyuan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. ended perfectly. In 2015, we raised our arms and shouted, shengshiyuan people, we will go ahead in the broad road of the future, dream by dream!