Quality policy: take green environmental protection and high-tech projects as the development direction, and strive to make the products meet the corresponding standards and customer satisfaction.
Enterprise vision: Based on the development of supporting service industry for major manufacturers, we are determined to become a benchmark enterprise and industry standard setter in the industry.
Enterprise mission: the company is committed to the development of precision structural parts, electronic radiator equipment industry, and in this industry to work hard.
Core values: dedication, responsibility and gratitude
Business philosophy: quality leading, lean cooperation
Three five management concepts: three levels, high starting point, high standard, high realm, five categories of people, scum, personnel, human resources, talents, people

  • Enterprise spirit

    Pay attention to product quality and create brilliance together

  • Strategic approach

    Win by quality, broaden market, reduce cost and increase efficiency

  • Quality policy

    People oriented, quality competition, overall optimization and continuous improvement

  • Quality competition

    Market oriented, create famous brand strategy and win with quality

  • Management idea

    First class quality, reasonable price and satisfactory service